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Optimistic about welding optimisation?

Why optimised a welding system? Metal fabrication has competing interest all times. Throughput, compliance, costs, safety, personnel and of course customers. A smart man once said, “Out of clutter find simplicity” ~ Albert Einstein Welding has influences upstream,...

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Digital welds from anyone!

Deliver consistent digital welds from anyone! Weld consistency elevates business profits. Use a digital weld to manage, monitor and improve weld consistency. Just as junk DNA was thought worthless and now valuable, a digital weld is valuable too. Understanding arc...

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Skill Shortage: been here before!

Skill shortage: been here before! There’s been talk about a current and pending shortages of welders in Australia lately. Research found the issue had occurred before and what was done to solve it. The following is a summary of that research. Skill shortages within...

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The impact of 1 weld!

The impact of 1 weld! Can 1 weld impact business activities? How about the 1 that caused overtime due to rework? Or the 1 that had too much heat and bent the part? The 1 where a welder has to clean it up post weld? Maybe the 1 that was found to be missing after the...

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The cost of things welded

Sep 2017 The small things in welding have big returns for business. “Understand welding costs makes you a player” When you win work it would be nice to recover more margin from your quoted price. Inside your quote is the global cost of welding and it can move up or...

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The NDT conumdrum

How to get welding compliance simply! Metal fabrication can have a lot of quality checks in welding.   But failed welds can be catastrophic both commercially and on people.   Therefore justifying the use of Non Destructive Testing is sound.   The conundrum; 100% weld...

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Training welders is it worth it.

Training welders is it worth it? Instinctively we all say yes. Formal training enables welders to work for you. On-site training makes ’em profitable to you. Welder ego stops a lot of on-site training, and it’s resistant to “please do it”. Wanting business benefits...

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Going Robotic Welding or not!

Getting into robotic welding is not easy. Too many prima donna welders around? Exhausted managing them and not the work? If the welding is automated then there is no back talk.   It is the future, it’s seductive, but it’s a journey. The case for robotics simply put....

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Sound Intuition

Does it feel like the right thing to do? Welder’s carry it with them, the ability to interpret and deliver what is asked of them. However, subjectiveness flourishes if not managed. A welder’s intent is honourable, but they don’t feel your pain.   Collectively they...

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Welding’s carbon footprint.

  Your Welding Greenhouse Footprint. Don’t have a greenhouse footprint? Think again. Can you be blamed for having one, no. At the moment there is no fixed ownership of anyone’s footprint. Footprint causes can be identified and can be reduced. Government...

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Tired welders deliver less.

Take the brakes off welder fatigue. The last thing your business needs is a weld not finished. But people get tired on your time. Welder fatigue puts the brakes on productivity. But what if you’re the one putting on the brakes? Fatigue Scenario Stationary MAG welder’s...

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Go forward not backward

Go forward not backward Welding has rules that it operates under.   These rules have served the welding industry well for years. But in a high labour cost economy, time equals money. Do you stick with the rules and struggle to compete, or do you change the rules? Case...

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Safe welding: don’t know?

Safe welding: don’t know? Working with metal is risky. It’s expensive having a welder down with injury. Why then do they keep hurting themselves? Some Worksafe statistics. If you knew what to do to remove risk, you would have done it already. No one wants a money pit...

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Informal rework hurts profits

“Is your welding activity creating informal rework?” We all know what formal welding rework is. But informal rework, it’s silent and hidden. If left alone, it becomes a weight that reduces profit. What does it look like; see below the water line? Ask this about your...

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Weld Quality overload

“Stop making quality a business burden!” Everyone knows low quality is harmful to business profit and reputation. But are you giving customers a Roll Royce weld at a panel van price? Weld quality feels good to have, but it impacts on build costs. When is enough,...

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Welders: a national crisis

“Where will you find your next best welder?” Australian fabrication can be flat out, or real quiet.   The quiet times can be worked through, but win a job; you get busy real quick.   Can your welding team expand or contract with these ups and downs? The Australian...

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13 September 2016 KNOW YOUR WELD COST PER METRE? What is a metre of weld worth to you? How can you compete against the cowboys and still make money? How cheap can you go without weld quality disappearing? Some facts: 144 fabrication Australian fabrication companies,...

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