Open Welding welding system

Process Check

Are your welding methods & consumables optimised?

What is your workshop

arc-on time?

Build a flexible workforce without compromising Quality.

Independent advice for your welding system.


Know your weld $ per Meter

  • Develop accurate quotes
  • Grow Margin on every job
Open Welding - Measure, Monitor and Profit

How do you price your welding?

Measure, monitor and continually improve the performance of your welding system

Access Quality work without the Burden

  • A workable quality system is achievable
  • Apply your quality capability when it counts
  • Deliver quality without the document burden
Open Welding - Quality when it counts
Plan and respond to industry standards requested by the customer, as and when required

Rank your Capability

  • Build a flexible workforce
  • Rank the potential of each welder
  • Training relevant to your business
Open Welding - A flexible workforce
Utilise the intuition of your welders.

Are your welders ‘best intentions’ costing you money?

Expand the flexibility using the Aspect method for weld training, fits AS/NZ 3834 compliance.

Outcome of your Welding System

When welding is your business - does the weld match its purpose?
Open Welding - Outcome of your welding system

Meet the design intent.

Deliver the right weld at the right price.

Encourage a common goal.

Our Approach

Open Welding has extensive expertise making welding systems effective.

The broader welding system includes upstream and downstream processes not often considered.

The welding system consumes critical job hours when left unattended.

Open Welding measures inefficiencies, for your business to recover valuable profit.

Delivering simple solutions with big impact.

Open Welding - Welding machinery onsite

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Available Australia wide (Based in Melbourne)


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