How we can help your business

Services Provided

  • Identify and implement on-site productivity improvements
  • Measure and monitor the welding system (Physical, App & Web based)
  • Sales training for providers to the welding system
  • Welding supervisor support
  • Independent advice for procurement, quality standards and training
  • Bring in an unskilled workforce  and turn them into a weld compliant workforce.

Open Welding provides measures (I.e. Arc-On time) for business to continuously monitor and improve the productivity of your welding system processes.

Questions we answer…

  1. Where do I start?
  2. What will it take?
  3. How much will I save?
  4. What should I focus on?

Welding Process Check

What is limiting your welding rate?


Measure your welding rate against its potential. (Remote service)


  • Accurately quote new and repeat jobs
  • Benchmark productivity
  • Identify areas for productivity improvement
  • Assess new welders starting
  • Obtain independent advice for the implications of consumables (wire, gas, generators etc)
Man onsite welding services

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Available Australia wide (Based in Melbourne)


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