How to get welding compliance simply!

Metal fabrication can have a lot of quality checks in welding.  
But failed welds can be catastrophic both commercially and on people.  
Therefore justifying the use of Non Destructive Testing is sound.  

The conundrum; 100% weld testing would be great, but you can’t test every weld in every place.  
Sometimes the NDT apparatus will not fit in place.
NDT activity is always post weld.
The fabricator reverts to a more expensive NDT system to get compliance.
So site selection can be a judgement call.
That can’t be the way to fabricate, surely?


Conduct Non Destructive Testing in 2 steps.
Use a cheaper flexible Non Destructive Evaluation system (NDE) to pick NDT locations.
NDE systems are not new to metal fabrication.
But the innovative ones are non contact, non subjective, work in real time and require no training to use.

NDE benefits are:

  • construction speed is faster and uninterrupted,
  • a cheaper testing cost can be realised and,
  • 100% of welds can be monitored and traced, plus
  • rework is better identified.

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