“Stop making quality a business burden!”
Everyone knows low quality is harmful to business profit and reputation.
But are you giving customers a Roll Royce weld at a panel van price?
Weld quality feels good to have, but it impacts on build costs.
When is enough, enough?
                                                                 CASE STUDY
Each weld below meets its quality requirements.


The welds however, are different shapes.
One weld just made it, one was too large and one was just right.
Exceed quality requirements; you just made yourself uncompetitive.
What are you getting from your customers?

  • Premium money for your welds?
  • Your price shopped, despite your standards?
  • Do you know what really matters to them?

                                 Get Open Welding to show you when enough is too much.

23 years experience in the welding industry. An International expert on welding arc optimisation. Primary research investigator with RMIT & UTS into welding arc performance using non-conventional measurement tools.