Sep 2017

The small things in welding have big returns for business.

“Understand welding costs makes you a player”

When you win work it would be nice to recover more margin from your quoted price.
Inside your quote is the global cost of welding and it can move up or down at anytime.
Welding has universal functions, but not all costs within it are fixed or visible.
If there is any unaccounted variability in the process, it will hurt margins.
Alternatively, if you manage welding costs it can be a lever to success.

Welding Costs

“What are your options?”

Welding costs follow a cause and effect activity.
Change one thing here, spend a bit more there, the global cost reduces.
So if you want more cash in your business, get a handle on welding costs!
If you keep doing what you’re doing without change then margins can go down the drain.
You have the freedom to choose how to reduces welding costs.

Get Open Welding to prove it’s possible.