Getting into robotic welding is not easy.
Too many prima donna welders around?
Exhausted managing them and not the work?
If the welding is automated then there is no back talk.  
It is the future, it’s seductive, but it’s a journey.

The case for robotics simply put.


It doesn’t give verbal feedback Robots are as smart as the program
Performs the same weld every time Can’t adjust welds on the fly
Can do complex things safely Robotic welding code is specialised
Don’t need a welder to operate Need effective jigs for set up
Cost savings pay off capital Asset idle in quiet times
New technology New technology

Going from zero to hero what are your steps?

Still want to start the welding robotic journey, then you need information.
Start with your current welders.
Understand your welding activity is key to needing welding robotics, or not.
That investigation is the first investment to a good decision.
No time to do it, but you have no time to waste either.
If your head says yes, but your gut says no, then get independent advice.

Use Open Welding’s experience to sort it out.