Why optimised a welding system?

Metal fabrication has competing interest all times.
Throughput, compliance, costs, safety, personnel and of course customers.
A smart man once said, “Out of clutter find simplicity” ~ Albert Einstein
Welding has influences upstream, downstream and even indirect from its activity.
The bottom line, it’s a business lever, when working at it’s best it delivers high returns.
If you are going to work on a business lever, optimising a welding system is a good place to start.

Four classes of welds, each attracts a different system to deliver.

  1. Fuses metals together.
  2. Requires strength integrity.
  3. Looks good.
  4. All of the above.

One welding system does not fit all.
The business outcome has to be consideration when optimising a welding system.

The approach to optimising today

Throw money where the loudest voice says too.
Hire a person to get results.
Get biases specialist advice on a solution.
Keep putting out fires and leave the fuel alone.
Work on what is known not the influencer.
Understand the welding system before changes are made.

Ask Open Welding to look at your welding system