Deliver consistent digital welds from anyone!

Weld consistency elevates business profits.
Use a digital weld to manage, monitor and improve weld consistency.
Just as junk DNA was thought worthless and now valuable, a digital weld is valuable too.
Understanding arc physics creates the fingerprint of a digital weld.
Match any fingerprint to its benchmark, you have weld consistency.
Now 2 welders can produce consistent welds anywhere anytime and lower costs.

                                     Insights into welds today

Inconsistency occurs when welding systems are not matched to benchmark welds.
If there is just 1% or more variation on that system to the benchmark it raises the cost of production considerably. 
Industry tolerates inconsistent welds as normal, by factoring it into job costs.
But consider what monies could be recovered from a job if weld inconsistency didn’t happen?


Weld emissions deliver digital welds.

The physics profile from arc emissions make digital weld fingerprints.
Welders known what’s emitted during welding and consider it worthless.
It’s hot, it’s bright, it smells, and it’s noisy.
Causes to inconsistent welds, type  of arc profile, heat energy and travel speed rates.
Convert worthless arc emissions to digital fingerprints and weld consistency become a reality.
Managed digital weld fingerprints reduces costs.
Also helps get to Industry 4.0.

Ask Open Welding to you show how.