Take the brakes off welder fatigue.
The last thing your business needs is a weld not finished.
But people get tired on your time.
Welder fatigue puts the brakes on productivity.
But what if you’re the one putting on the brakes?

Fatigue Scenario

  • Stationary MAG welder’s reach is 500 mm on average.
  • Has a travel speed of 350 mm/minute.
  • Does a trigger time of 70 minutes a day.
  • Breathes more than 15 minutes of welding fume per shift (with no respirator).
  • There are 53 post weld treatments using a mechanised tool of 5kg to 7kg


  • Welder lifts at least 370 kg a day (excl. other lifts).
  • Breathes in up to 200 ppm of carbon monoxide during the shift, which brings on welder’s flue.
  • Has repetitive strain placed on wrists and shoulders.

Despite the call, welders are humans too.
Tired welders at the end of the day are not always an indicator of a big output.
Automation eliminates fatigue, but it’s expensive to implement.
The clever response? Use welder physiology to work for you, not against.
If you do, the productivity brakes are released and more gets finished.

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