“Where will you find your next best welder?”
Australian fabrication can be flat out, or real quiet.  
The quiet times can be worked through, but win a job; you get busy real quick.  
Can your welding team expand or contract with these ups and downs?

The Australian welding community today:

  • Has 134,000 MIG/MAG welders, at an average age of 54.
  • In 11 years, 60% of those welders will retire.
  • The starting point today is a welder shortfall of 15%.
  • It takes 4-5 years to develop a competent welder using traditional method


Welders learn from welders

With fewer welders around to make up the team how do you solve these business bumps?
Your welders have to be good and effective; it’s expensive if they’re not.
The smart solution?  Have a welding workforce that can step up when required.
It’s about creating flexibility within the welding team. Don’t just favour a few, make sure all contribute equally.

Ask Open Welding to introduce welding flexibility into your team.


23 years experience in the welding industry. Intentional expert in welding arc optimisation. Primary research investigator with RMIT & UTS into welding performance using non-conventional arc measurement tools.