The impact of 1 weld!

Can 1 weld impact business activities?
How about the 1 that caused overtime due to rework?
Or the 1 that had too much heat and bent the part?
The 1 where a welder has to clean it up post weld?
Maybe the 1 that was found to be missing after the finish coat was applied?
It could be the 1 with little penetration and nobody knows about it?
Or the 1 with a look customers don’t like?
These are examples of how 1 weld impacts on business costs and reputation.

Despite welding evolving 1 weld can still impact negatively on welding businesses today.
If business wanted a solution what might it do?

  • Push traditional methods harder.
  • Buy the latest equipment.
  • Pay a premium for welding skills.
  • Put in place dedicated welding supervision.
  • Upgrade production process (Lean, 5S etc…).

So which action does it choose that gives the best bang for buck?
The cheapest choice; look at the causes, don’t just manage outcomes.

                                                                       Choose a scientific approach.
The negative outcome of 1 weld is easily felt, its causes however can be hidden.
Find out what the reality is on the welding floor.
Measure the total welding system to see if it is balanced in your favour.
Use science to deliver simpler and smarter solutions.
Get someone who knows where to look.

Get Open Welding to do it for you.