Go forward not backward
Welding has rules that it operates under.  
These rules have served the welding industry well for years.
But in a high labour cost economy, time equals money.
Do you stick with the rules and struggle to compete, or do you change the rules?

Case study with an aluminium Vee Butt joint.


Normally MIG welded with 3 runs (includes root run).
By changing just 4 elements, the weld is completed to accepted criteria in 2 runs, (33% less time).
Repeating the weld using the old method, but with just 2 runs?  
The weld failed to meet acceptable criteria.

Move to a new normal that is profitable.

Question your current welding activity.
Can it make you more money with less time?
Is it able to create a competitive advantage for me?

To understand the welding rules in the context above can be daunting.
If you do nothing, you go backward.

Ask Open Welding to help get you going forward.

23 years experience in the welding industry. An International expert on welding arc optimisation. Primary research investigator with RMIT & UTS into welding arc performance using non-conventional measurement tools.