Training welders is it worth it?

Instinctively we all say yes.
Formal training enables welders to work for you.
On-site training makes ’em profitable to you.
Welder ego stops a lot of on-site training, and it’s resistant to “please do it”.
Wanting business benefits without training the team is a dream unfulfilled.

Traditional training/learning method

30% classroom time gets you to the ‘doing’ phase.
Then the real learning happens on the job and can take months.
And still you wait for a return on the training.
Spending money on training without a return is a waste.
Change the method and the returns can be instantaneous.



“What’s involved in a new training method?”

Training on the job without classroom attendance.
Making use of common sense and in a real working environment.
Tools to empower the trainees to succeed in days or weeks.
No reliance on old hands to teach.
Ability to align with ISO9606 and AS/NZ3834.
Your current hands and new hires can make you money straight away.
Confidence knowing that what you sell meets the standards you expect.

Ask Open Welding to deliver this method for you.